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We are a reputable nanny agency based in Riyadh, with over 7 years of experience in the Saudi Arabia.

Our dedicated team is taking care of keeping up to date our database so that you can easily find your candidates in few clicks!

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With Find Nanny and Maid you will have instant access to our database.
We not only update our database on a daily bases but we interview the candidates, we make a background check with previous jobs employers.
You will have peace of mind with us and find your perfect helper in no time.
Join us and skip any middle man or recurring agency fee, with us you will just pay a small fee to become our member and find and contact the best candidates for you.

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1. How do we go about signing up as a member?

Simply select “join now” on the home page and register yourself as a member. You will be invited to register and then automatically be guided to the online payment function. Once you have paid, your account will automatically be activated. You are then free to access all data on our maid and nanny CV database for one month. Its a very simple process. Join us now!

2. What are the charges for joining and how do we make the payment?

We will collect a nominal monthly fee of 375 SAR for your membership. The online mode of payment is secured by Encrypted Credit Card and PayPal

3. How does it work?

Once you are registered, you gain 1 month unlimited access to our CV database. It is updated daily from Saturday to Thursday with new candidates seeking immediate employment.

4. I am having difficulty reaching the candidate I am interested in, what do I do?

Bear in mind that some of the candidates are still in employment, it may therefore be best to call them in the evening. Also, often the candidates do not have credit in their phone, so if you do not get through the first time, send and SMS and call an hour later!

5. What are the rules for hiring a domestic helper?

We are asked regularly and would like to clarify the legal requirements of the Saudi Arabia law with regards to the employment of "domestic servants": to sponsor the employee on your visa to pay the employee a monthly salary in a timely manner, of no less than the legal minimum per nationality to give the employee a weekly full day off to give the employee one month of paid holidays per year with a plane ticket home Failure to comply can lead to legal prosecution, fines and even a prison sentence. Please email us for further information and please respect the law.

6. How much should I pay the maid / nanny?

Salaries vary tremendously from one family to the next, by employee nationality and experience. On average we see salaries ranging from 1.500 to 2.000 SAR per month, but you will find the candidates’ expected salary on their CV. You can then add on an optional year-end bonus (one month), paid holidays as per the law, return tickets home and if you wish uniform, food allowance etc. Do not forget that if you have the perfect maid, it may be worth your while giving her a generous package to keep her in your family.

7. Where do your helpers come from?

The candidates who post their CV on our website are mostly based in Riyadh. This has the advantage that you can avoid costly travel and visa expenses, and have the opportunity to organize a face to face interview! The CVs posted on our website are for helpers on cancelled employment visas with NOC, visit visas or tourist visas. does not endorse or propose maids that have absconded from previous jobs.

8. Can you help me with visas?

Of course! Send us an email with all the details and we will put you in contact with the right person

9. Should my helper wear a uniform?

This is entirely up to you – often helpers appreciate being given work clothes. We can recommend fantastic uniform suppliers.

10. How much does it cost to get a driving license for a helper?

That really depends on whether they already hold a driving license, for how long, and whether they pass the test first time round. You are looking at a minimum of SAR 3.000 + transport to the driving school, and it is a timely process.

11. Does draw commission from the maid or the client when a maid is confirmed?

No, we only serves as an online database for maid suppliers and agents. We do not draw any commission from our members other than their membership subscription fee. We do not draw anything from the candidates.

12. How do we proceed with recruiting a maid?

Once you have chosen your candidate, you will need to sign a contract with the maid and place her on your visa.

13. How long will the maid data be kept in the database from the day it is created?

In order to provide our clients with the best service, we need to keep our database free of obsolete data. We regularly check and ensure that posted candidates are still available.

14. What happens if we forget our login or password?

Simply email us at so we can help you retrieve your Username / Email. Password can be reset online in login section of our website

15. Other than email, is there other ways to contact you?

Certainly, you can contact us either by email or by phone to 8008500191

16. Is allowed to hire part time and full maids and nannies without visa?

The hiring of part & full time maids and nannies, Gardeners, Drivers, Cooks and Babysitters without a Saudi Arabia Visa is not allowed as this is ILLEGAL- a visa must be provided for these positions always!

17. Does hold any responsibility over the candidates listed on the website?

While we do go to certain measures to ensure that the candidates listed on the site are qualified for the positions being offered, the decision to hire a candidate is of the sole discretion of the family. The family offering the visa is responsible for the conduct of the maid.

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